The XXXL Shirt

I'm pretty sure you guys are sick of seeing me in this T-shirt but its actually my 'However I'm feeling I can wear it and still feel cool' shirt. I cant get over how comfortable it is honestly, just like wearing a vintage sports cape LOL best 50p I think I spent all year to be perfectly honest.
- Changed my hair agaaaaiiiinnnnnnnn; Dyed it jet black and now have a side part which I haven't had for about 2 years now. Wanted to change my look going into the new year I suppose (let's just hope I wont be indecisive and change it again). But *fingers crossed* this will stay for a while, hope you guys like it tooooo (:

Felt kinda sensual in my room, but please excuse my hideous interior. That red curtain is only temporary, it WILL go soon. Although, it kinda helped give the photos a certain Ohh La La feel to it. *Smirks*

(If you were wondering what lipstick I have on its actually a red lip pencil which I 'coloured my lips with' then used Sleek 'Heartbreaker' Matte on top of it which it a deep magenta/pink which brightens up your lips and lasts for a very long time...much cheaper than MAC I must say *Applause*)

Would you look at that, I'm almost photogenic,