Trashcan-Sheek (NYE!)

So weird that I am actually saying 'This is the last post of 2012' it feels like the end of an era, let's not forget I survived the apocalypse *brushes dirt off shoulders* Anyhoo, I've come very far considering I haven't had this blog very long and it has become such a success. To be honest I didn't even think it would be as popular as it has become so all I can do is say thank you to everyone who is following me, and those who visit my blog!

Lets stop the speech right there...

- As we all know British weather is unbelievably crap! So I have to do some of my posts indoors and I finally got a chance to wear my floral shirt only now! This £1 beauty has been sitting in my wardrobe for far too long. Apologies that the indoor posts aren't 'all that'. Hopefully the skies will clear up and we wont have to much rain for goodness sake! 
Oh, this ensemble is what I like to call 'Trashcan- Sheek' its a little classy and rugged at the same time- I mean look at the state of my converse! You just have to find the perfect balance, once you have that under your wing you will literally be able to put ANYTHING together and make it work. *Boooyyaaaahhhhhh*


By the way my lip colour isn't actually real, sounds weird but its true, I was messing around with Photoshop and wanted to experiment. At least I know how I would look with that coloured lipstick, quite cool (:

There you have it, 2012 I bid you farewell. 
Hope everyone has a fabolous new year and is thankful that they were able to see it through, God Bless you all.