Русские головные уборы

(Just for the record the title says 'The Russian Head Wear'). 
I got extremely bored one night so I rustled around in my wardrobe to find my Russian hat. I've had it for a few years, quick purchase from my local charity shop and definitely a prized possession. Sadly, I barely wear it because its quite small and sometimes gives me a headache *wipes tears* but I teamed it up with my velvet turtleneck and some jewellery. Alongside my boredom Photoshop became a great source of entertainment, didn't want to edit my pictures in the 'normal' way so played around with it. Not particularly happy with the way they came out but oh well, have to start somewhere don't I?

 (I actually know how to cut around an image in Photoshop, I did it like this on purpose, just saying.)

I do have to admit I like the variety of editing styles together in one post, so I might do this more often, who knows...maybe it will grow on me.

Yaah trick,