Marten, Doctor Marten

That's how excited I am whenever I look at these.

So I had been looking for boots for ages and strolling around Carnaby Street I didn't even know Dr Marten had their own store. To my curiosity I waltzed in and OMG they had a sallleeeeeeeeee!
It was from that moment, I knew it was my lucky day. There were so many to choose from I literally had a different boot on each foot and nearly had a nervous breakdown because I couldn't take them all home with me *sigh*. The last pair of Marts I had was back in 2010 and I wore them every week but eventually sold them because they had been 'overplayed' by others that put me off, these babies? Hell no, they're mine, MINE...MINEEEEE!! Muhahahahahahahahahaaaa!

You can never go wrong with reptile skin, ever.

I think I'm dribbling...

You guys should definitely check out their sale, I'm sure you will end up a very, very happy bunny!