Booby Tubie

The title is almost irrelevant because you can't actually see my boob tube HA! What possesed me to wear it in this weather I'm not quite sure but hey hoe, funny thing is...its not even a boob tube its a skirt I bought from H&M nearly 3 years ago but its coming in handy now.

Since I'm back at uni the workload has almost doubled and juggling my blog and work is going to be as easy as turning water into wine- but I'll give it a go like I always do (you will probably see more Instagram images like this; just makes life a lot easier at times).

Anyhoo, this is an outfit I wore to uni, simple, kinda sexy, but casual. Boom

(Leather jacket- Miss Selfridge, Boob Tube/Skirt- H&M, Belt- Vintage, Jeans- Primark, Vans- Office, 'Scardigan'- Gift)

I'm actually going to do another post on that sexy 'Scardigan' I have on...its too good to miss!
*Licks lips*

Oh, my Instagram? @mariapigeon