21 Under The Sun

I mentioned in a post before that my birthday was on February 16th so now...I'm 21.
Its so weird, I don't feel 21 but I feel old kind of, I think. I'm not sure, maybe because when you get older you rarely have intentions to celebrate your birthday in full throttle. It was a causal Saturday to me, bowled around in a t-shirt and joggers- life was a breeze.

Though I'd share with you some of my presents, I'm blessed with people around me that care and appreciate me so I send my love out to all of you guys! <3333

It's times like this I think that I'm spoilt. *Smirks*

 I actually cant get over how old school this backpack is, I LOVE IT!
 Just need to take a moment and appreciate these trainers. (30 second pause)
I've never seen them in my life, the lighting in this room doesn't do justice in showing you how bright these are. As well as that, the material is the same as a tennis ball- so I practically have neon tennis ball Airmax 90's.

Tokyo, you've done me proud.

All I can really do is thank God for adding another year to my life, because without Him there's no me so I'm thankful for His grace and mercy. 
Its my lifeline.
Many more years to come in Jesus' name!



  1. Lucky Girl :) For sure in Jesus name! That's a cool and interesting backpack.



  2. Every present is great! I don't think anyone else in the london let alone the UK has tennis ball nike trainers!! They're sick!!

  3. Lucky girl!!
    Happy belated!
    S xx