London Fashion Week: Day 1

As excited as I was for LFW previously, for some reason when it came to the actual week I couldn't care less, I don't know whats wrong with me, its LONDON FASHION WEEK- But seriously, I don't give a damn.  
(I didn't even do proper street style photography that I imagined doing too, just could not be bothered).

*Expect a lot of photos, its only right*

On the plus side, this time around I teamed up with Apparently Magazine as UK Press, words cant describe how sexy badges can make you feel hahahaha. I was able to discover new places and meet people with this magical pass that was sitting around my neck, the possibilities are endless. Just to add a cherry on top- I got a free bag *faints* I'm joking, the bag was not all that but it sure was convenient in the end as well as some of the stuff inside it like the 'Little Black Book' for example what a cool cat I am. *Harlem shakes*

I didn't want to dress up that much though, I kinda wanted to be 'myself' but a little stylish I suppose, by doing that you will have a sort of confidence you don't even realise. When looking around you could see that there was barely anyone who looked 'authentic' or true to themselves a lot of fashion was forced and it was kinda heartbreaking actually. So yeah, I tried not to fall into the forced category and dressed down *shrugs*. Hopefully if I go another day I will feel more enthusiastic but I doubt it, doesn't matter too much.

My face doesn't even look bothered its a dead picture, some fake pout smize thing going on -____-
Moving on swiftly:
(Jacket- Vintage/My Mothers Wardrobe, Shirt- Thrifted, Jeans- 'Hand Me Down'/DIY', Shoes- Zara, Bag- Dolce & Gabbana)

 Joyce, the Bae (LOL) and my muse <3

That's it for now, *fingers crossed* there's more.
Nothing better than absorbing fashion inspiration vibes from street style or random people that you lay eyes on- that sentence made no sense but to be honest I don't want to correct and reword it.

I'm sure secretly you know what I mean.



  1. Love your outfit!
    S xx

  2. 'Dead Pout Smize' LOOOOOOL Youre So Funny. and Beautiful