Chromin' & Clashin'

To be perfectly honest with you, I'm only really posting so much because I am procrastinating with my uni work and I REALLY shouldn't I just don't want to lounge around all day so at least with this I have a sort of excuse. Yeah, just wanted to throw it out there.

Moving on swiftly, recently looking at trends; Monochrome seems to be in at the moment, and although I don't really follow them, Ive always loved the combination of black and white and have indulged in it for some time. Knowing myself and still wanting to stand out I not only wanted to 'chrome' a whole outfit, but I wanted to explore print so whats better to use than Z E B R A! Can't go wrong with it. Alongside a sexy striped shirt I got from my local charity shop, the two statement pieces actually clash and compliment each other at the same time. Its Crazy, Sexy, Cool. Ha!

Now time for the clashin! 
Forgot to mention that everything I'm wearing on the bottom half was made by me a while ago when I was bored out of my whitts, but like I always say I don't really like to wear skirts so lets just see what the summer hold for me and my legs. *Smirks*

As well as wearing all black and white, I was just experimenting with other prints/fabrics which surprisingly look just as good, all I know that if you really want to pull something off you can- 'Confidence Is Key'.

These shorts were just made with the scraps of fabric I had left, youll NEVER see me wearing them out. (But then again, never say never).

Did you guys even notice that I'm not wearing any rings?! Yeah, that's right, I got naked.
Wanted to show off all of that brown sexy flesh on my fingers L O O L!

Boredom creates the best ideas,
Stay Bored.


  1. All of those are gorgeous! I expeciall love the outfit with the 'tribal' print skirt!

    Mona xx

  2. Monochrome? Yes.
    Pattern blocking? Yes.
    Those shorts? Amazing.

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  3. This is all gorgeous!!
    Loving the first outfit
    S xx

  4. Amazing! love the clashing print

    New followe, followback? xxx