Hide & Seek

You know in the last post when I said I was procrastinating with my work and I shouldn't have...Well I shouldn't have! I paid for that with BLOOD, like oh gosh that's why I went away for so long catching up and trying to get on top of stuff. Had to get my priorities in order *sigh*. So apologies that I literally disappeared at random, kinda needed a break too, but thank you so much for all those who messaged me and checked up on my absence, you guys made me feel so special hahaha (:

- Hope you missed me, a lot.

Well now, I'm back. In a way, well I'll be making guest appearances here and there until uni work load calms down and the mother nature behaves herself so I can go outside without freezing to death. Anyhoo, as you know by now I love the simple stuff when it comes to outfits; can never go wrong with a 50p T-shirt, jeans and vans its been my uniform for some time and I'm no where near ready to change that. Once you find that 'comfort combination' you're set for life believe me.

(T-Shirt- Thrifted, Jeans- Topshop, Vans- Office, Sunglasses- Primark)

It almost feels foreign, but its good to be 'home',