Candy Canes & Metal Chains

I've been gone for some time and its kinda rude but you have to forgive me, my life has been on the line due to uni, if only you guys know what I'm dealing with *sigh*. 
- Moving on swiftly;

Something short and sweet, just wanted to let you guys know that in addition to my rings, my wrist has now taken the stage (I can feel a slight obsession approaching which is really bad). I always say that you can put almost anything together and get away with it if you're confident in it. So what my arm is slowly going to be covered in metal nad eventualy you might think im morphing into a power ranger but I don't really think I mind LOOL!

Do as you please, its not that deep.

(Instagram: @mariapigeon)

Bearing in mind this is only one of my hands, you can see me from a mile away! #Showstopper
I lied, I lied.

Seriously, I lied.


  1. DOPE rings -- bracelets are so nice too!!
    I love your insta photos.
    After you posted the Marc Jacobs iPhone case I had to get myself one!

    --I blogged about it.


    1. AHH wicked!
      I'm yet to do a post on mine, havent had time...
      May do one tomorrow hopefully *fingers crossed*
      (Thanks for reminding me!) Hahaha

  2. I love this! Rings are my obesession when it comes to jewelry, I probably have more things than anything else lol

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the zip bracelet! xx

    1. Awww thank you, and yes ring are actually THE best!
      I feel naked without them hahaha.

  3. LOVE this!
    S xxx