Penny Picking

I cant even lie my sudden disappearing acts are quite rude but I literally have no one to take pictures of me and doing it myself is actually pain in the neck )': I promise you I will get better *crawls on hands and knees*

Soooooooooooo, I hate shopping.
Yeah, I really do. B U T-

Ive been browsing around, picked up a few things here and there and been a little spoilt, just thought I'd share it with you but I don't want to think I'm boasting because I'm really not its more of a showcase; so this is a haul right? Erm, yeah I think so.
- There's a bit more to come later on, but that's a whole new post.

Well firstly, I got a very late birthday present which was a £25 River Island gift voucher that just sat around in my room because I didn't know what to buy. To be fair I wasn't really a fan of jelly shoes considering I had a pair when I was younger and fell down the stairs in them so they just brought back bad memories. However, in time and seeing them around the love got stronger and eventually they grew on me so I gave in and adopted some!
Oh, my shoes didn't look like this when I bought them; they were SO painful I had to cut off some of the straps and probably will cut off a few more because it literally felt like someone was biting my feet with every step I took (maybe that's just me) but yeah, still love them though.

Secondly, look at this beauty! I saw someone with it and I literally ordered it the next day, the cutest iPhone case ever! Pssh since I'm not getting an upgrade any time soon I may as well enjoy what I have. Anyhoo, I got this bad boy from eBay for a sexy bargain seeing as though some of them are selling at Selfridges for about £40- No thanks.
Have a look for yourself and they might tickle your fancy, they don't just have cute bunnies there's practically a whole Marc Jacobs farm (:

Can we please have a moment of silence?


If you guys didn't know neon green/yellow are one of my favourite colours and Airmax 90's are my favourite Nike trainers so a double whammy like this could potentially induce a cardiac arrest!! When it comes to footwear I definitely get spoilt in some cases, so I try to appreciate everything I do have as well as what is given to me. Not entirely sure on the correct name for these sex bombs so you might have to do a little treasure hunt, I just cant believe my eyes.

Might need to keep NHS on speed dial.
Its not that deep,
But it is.


  1. Love everything!!
    Gonna be ebay snooping for that case
    S xx

  2. Several moments of silence over here, the Nike trainers are perfect. Uhn, the colour! <3

  3. gonna buy my jujus tomorrow in black hopefully! love the phone case and the airmax's...can we please have a moment of silence *Nas voice* several seats are taken for these....I know, I know its not that deep. But it is.

    lol :) x