Almost Summertime

I must admit the weather has been quite sexy so far so in London we MIGHT actually have a real summer *gasp*. I was brave enough to get my legs out which I haven't done for some time, annddd I managed to rob my older sister of her vintage Moschino necklace so I was a happy bunny (':

Recently I've been wearing an awful lot of black (I'm actually wearing all black as I type this lool), and although summer is suppose to be about being vibrant, and wearing all of these tropical rainbow pearl drop yummy colours, I simply: cannot be bothered. 

Also, I purchased a pair of Nike Cortez trainers. I've actually wanted them for sooooo long but I just never knew the proper name so I couldn't find them anywhere, but now HELLO! I was so excited to find them I actually bought 3 pairs in one go (baby blue and red ones as well) so I'm sure they'll make guess appearances pretty soon. They're so comfortable and I like to call them 'polite trainers' because you can easily wear them with shorts, jeans, sweat/slouch pants and even dress or skirts. Let me hear yo say convenient! Overly temptped to buy every colour in stock so I will try my best to resist and enjoy the ones I have now.

Backless Top- Primark, Denim Shorts- Thrifted/DIY, Necklace- Vintage Moschino, Sunglasses- Ebay
 Forgot to mention, I actually bought these trainers from America, but I know you can get similar ones in Size, Schuh, Nike or similar sports shops.

Oh, my lipstick is Mac- Rubywoo (Matte) in case you were wondering.
But yeah, that's all.



  1. This outfit is perfect!! How much were the Nike Cortez's each?? Also would you mind checking out my blog?? xxx

    1. Course I'll deffo have a look (:
      And they were roughly £45


  2. LOVE this necklace so gorge
    S xx

  3. great necklace and loving the lips!

  4. *wolfwhisltes* girl you look hawwwwwt!

    XOXO Sade