Selling My Sheeno!

So yeah, a really long time ago I said I got a Moschino belt as a gift but it was too big, so I thought I'd be smart and ask some my extended family to buy me a new belt (and I'd give them the money blah blah blah) guess what happened...THE SAME THING! It was just the tiniest bit too big for me but by my hips it was perfect. Its annoying because I know I'm more likely to wear it with anything high-waist so it's just  a waste to be honest. (See what I did there? *smirks*) Because I don't like leaving things around my house to collect dust I might as well sell it, just to get it out of my hair.

Last time I went through eBay it all became quite complex so I'm going to sell it though my blog sort of and PayPal to make everyone's life a bit easier. I'm also happier because the viewers/followers of my blog get the first peak. Unfortunately I only have one available so its literally 'first come, first serve'. All the best!

Size: M/L Currently going for £130
If you are interested email me at:

Gonna miss this, again.

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