Snakes On A Shed

Firstly, I am trying to cut down my text, I'm starting feel like I 'overtype' but hey, if you don't mind let me know. In other news, after being casual for soooo long I thought I'd finally put on a pair of dust-consumed heels. Actually, to be honest everything I'm wearing was ripped out from the back of my wardrobe; once you create a uniform for yourself, you forget all the other clothes you own...and I have an awful, awful lot of clothes. 
- So this is me being 'girly' I suppose. *Awkward silence*

 Silk Shirt- Thrifted, Jeans- Primark/DIY, Shoes- Faith, Clutch- Vintage Louis Vuitton, Necklace- Primark
(For those of you who are wondering where my nail polish is from its 'Palm Springs' by American Apparel).

Taking pictures in my garden really is a pain in the arse. There isn't really any nice scenery but I hope I worked well enough to distract you from all of that with my radiant beauty...

*Jumps into pool of broken glass*



  1. Love this blouse
    Along with that clutch
    S xx

  2. Yes Yes and did I mention Yes!