Wanted, But Didn't Need

I don't usually like to blog about the things I bought, especially from high street shops but I realised that others might actually benefit from it so I thought I'd do an unnecessary post about what I purchased from River Island:

 So, as you can see I already have enough rings, these are just the ones I wear on a daily basis *sigh*.
Then I remembered I still have £5 left on my River Island gift card (all the way from my birthday) that I wanted to get rid of, because I don't really shop in river island if I'm honest. 
Oh and omg, I went to my charity shop and found myself a vintage Louis Vuitton wallet for £3!!
So I ended up buying 'Finger Top' rings (£3), and an 'Arm Cuff' (£3).
Paid the extra pound on top.
 Even though they are both such small and basic products, they can make such a difference. The two rings just give my fingers that little bit of 'zaz' love them! (:
 Bought these trousers (they're flared by the way) from a car boot sale for ONE POUND! Originally from Primark though. *Twerks*
Might do a full post on it later if I'm bothered..
 T-shirt is thrifted too, from the oh so special 50p rack and I just cut the collar, neckline off to make it a bit more 'me-ish'.
I actually think this arm cuff is super cool. I have some cuffs already, but this one is so simple and sophisticated, it can be worn on ALL occasions. 
(Another item added to my uniform)

Well..I hope you enjoyed the story, like I said it was a bit pointless but oh well, might have helped someone right?

I also think its the first time I've uploaded pictures of this nature too, personally they're my favourite style at the moment so *fingers crossed* you like them too.

Yeah, totally, wicked-cool, sweet!


  1. I love this post! It's so honest and thank god I'm not the only person who doesn't really shop at River Island! :) x


  2. I really like this style of photography!