'Farewell For Now'

*In deep thought..*
Actually I'm not thinking about anything )':

Okay. Clears imaginary laptop throat, if you have been follwing me on twitter long enough you'd have noticed that I have been mentioning the fact that I will not be blogging until further notice..
Yes I am taking a mega break, like, I know I havent been posting as regularly as I used to but this time its literally goodbye-goodbye. It might be a week, a month, a year (probably not a year) but I'm not too sure, I just think its the best choice for now.

Reason(s) I am 'leaving': 
Personally, I believe that if you create a blog or any sort of creative platform for yourself it should be an exact representation of you. As in, the blog is you in electronic form, but sadly so many that I have come across don't seem to be that way and I started to think I was heading down that path.
I also feel like for some time many of my posts were 'forced' I would be like "Oh crap, I haven't blogged in ages what should I do?!" then I'd randomly dress up and do a post for no reason, take off my makeup and clothes then go and eat rice krispies or something- pssh at least I'm being honest.
I'm not the Wishlist, Haul, FOTD, etc kind of blogger: I. Will. Blog. What. I. Like and I didn't even know this many people would be interested in the first place and for that alone I am really grateful. Just because you have a blog it doesn't mean you have to follow ALL the 'Rules & Regulations' because no offense but it just makes you a sheep and your blog will be no different from the rest, lost count of how many blogs/bloggers look so similar these days- its such a shame.

(For those who have actually met me in real life I hope my personality and my blog actually match because that was the aim of the game). Now I think its time for a reality check, a makeover inside and out; and my blog too, then come back with bang *fingers crossed* I can't continue to do something my heart isn't in. </3
I'll still up alive and kicking on Instagram by the way: @mariapigeon I'm not disappearing off the face of the Earth jheeze..

'If you can't fit into a category, make your own. Let it be so small that there's only enough room for you and your creativity'.

Just be yourself man, its not that deep.
Peace, Love And Cheese & Onion Pringles


  1. Missy! I will miss your posts mayne! Think its good to do the things that feel right to you! I will say that meeting you was really nice your a lovely down to earth person and you make me laugh! I feel you on the whole blogging being the same but it's just one of those things but that blogging mentality was created so like your last quote said be different maybe that's just what "fashion blogging" needs less wish lists and more creativity and vision. I think I may apply that to my own. Anyways I'm waffling but I hope you get my drift. Hope to see you blogging more when your heart is in it. Peace, plantain crisps. Xxxx

  2. hmm...
    not surprised your taking a break, blogging has become a different kettle of fish now.

  3. I completely understand where you're coming from this, I felt like this for sometime & still do actually. Blogs are becoming so repetitive & everything is just recycled. I can't wait for your return, so you can hulk stomp the blogsphere!


  4. 100% agree, I went through this in May and only just started blogging again this month. I didn't like what my blog was becoming so I deleted all the content, made it over and started again. Looking forward to your return though :)


  5. Definitely agree with you. Thank you for putting it into words. I couldn't quite describe why i didn't want to blog anymore and this is it. I definitely turned into a sheep.

    Love your style and look forward to your return x