OOARD: Chillax Max

O.O.A.R.D= Outfit Of A Random Day. (Just in case you forgot)

Okay so I'm sure by now you guys are very aware of me wearing black on Tuesdays, hooooowever it somehow escalated to everyday or every other day hence previous posts but oh well. So yeah, this ensemble is oh-so-basic I took wardrobe essentials i.e. skinny jeans/jumper and cut them up; simples.
There's a great sense of guilt free pleasure when you cut up a jumper that only cost you 50p. 

The bright orange inside the coat gives the outfit as a whole a bit of character though, which is nice. Even though every time I put this jacket on I feel like MA$E the rapper..

 Bomber/Pilot Jacket- eBay, Cropped Jumper- Thrifted/DIY, Jeans- Primark/DIY, Trainers- Nike Free Run 2
 So I recently bought the most amazing ring, and as tacky as it looked at first; it was love at second sight. Best part is that its actually a mirror not a 'gem' so now I don't have to rummage in my make-up bag anymore. Result
 If you don't own these, you're not living life to the fullest. These are my second pair and I'm contemplating on buying 4 more, crap.

That's all folks!
*Sings theme tune*

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