Tramp Stamp

Embrace The Tramp In You.

Who said its bad to find jeans at the back of your wardrobe that you haven't seen for 4 years, tear them to shreds and then wear them out? Certainly not me.
As a female, we know its not all glitz and glam (best believe it!) so why not milk it. Pssh; there have been many times that I've left my house without ironing my clothes, or scrounging for outfits in the forbidden depths of my wardrobe, but I always say 'As long as you look like you've had a shower, or have your Sunday make up face can get away with anything!'

Throw on a pair of heels as well and omg, you will have a completely different look, its a miracle.

Leotard- Vintage Burberry, Jeans- Thrifted/Kinda, Shoes- New Look
 YVNG RAPVNXEL. New hair, new me. LOL

Total cost of outfit (minus shoes)= £2.50
- Shoes were only £10 though. *Harlem shakes*

Life is so much easier when you let loose,

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