New Additions (April/May)

I should be doing this every month but I almost always forget, so I'll do it every other month depending on my memory span.
Anyhoo this is what I've bought, some things are concealed because I want to keep them a secret. (I guess if I didn't want you to know I should have put it in the picture...yeah). *Shrugs*

1 H&M
2 Topshop (Sale)
3 Adidas/eBay
4 Crew Clothing
5 eBay
6 Topshop
7 'Its Not You Its Me'
8 Thrifted (River Island)
9 'Its Not You Its Me'
10 River Island
11 Thrifted (The Perfect Mom Jeans)
12 Urban Outfitters
13 Lacoste 
14 Lacoste (iPhone Case) 
15 Marc Jacobs/eBay
16 Lucky Little Blighters
17 Camden Market

I'm 100% sure I bought more stuff but its lost in my room somewhere, fml.



  1. Love everything, your style's always on point as well and glad to say I've been reading your blog waaay waay back.

  2. I have stupid question to you... Do you think that mens air max 1 could be good for girl? because I found my dreamy sneakers and website suggests that they are for men :<