Стильный убийца

I swear I don't mean to look like an assassin, it just happens.. 
Whenever I'm in all black I genuinely get stared at like I'm on a mission or something, cant lie, I actually embrace it sometimes LOL.

However, it was only right as the lovely Style London enhanced my wardrobe with this sexy black mesh zipped top; I like to call it the 'boobie trap' *smirks*
You know those 'evenifIthrowitonitsstillgoingtomakemywholeoutfitlookgood' kind of clothes, yeah that the one!
 Top- Style London, Trousers- Thrifted/H&M, Boots- Dr Martens, Sunglasses- Gift
(That's some of my artwork on the right hand side, one of my projects that I'm still in love with. Just thought I'd share it with you guys *blushes*)
Oh yeah, changed my hair, again. The big (fake) chop; I've actually had 4 different hairstyles in the my last 4 different outfit posts, not sure if I should be ashamed or wear my Kimono and walk with my head held high..
You thought I was finished? Oh no, you missed the back detail *violently twerks*
So good I had to touch myself..

Oops, oh my.

(See what I did there? I'm such a G! Oh my daysssssssss)

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