Crew Love Ft The Weeknd

Take your nose off my keyboard..
What you bothering me for?
'Cause we're loving the crew, we're loving crew, we're loving the crewwwwww'.

Yeah so I just thought the song was relevant for this post so okay lets go; *clears throat aka keyboard* sorry I haven't done a post in like nearly a month- I'm actually not that sorry and I really can't be asked to type the reasons I've been away but the most important one is that I finished uni so I'm back, for now.

You guys notice anything different? I'm wearing white! thanks to Crew Clothing. Yeah, strange I know but as much as a stay away from the colour I do think a buttoned up white shirt is an ultimate essential for everyone's wardrobe, male or female. Its just effortless and when you pair it with that perfect leather jacket...let the church say AMEN!

 Leather Jacket- Topshop/Depop, White Shirt- Crew Clothing, Jeans- Hand Me Down/DIY, Slides- Adidas/Office, Backpack- Topshop
I will be doing another post about slides very soon, because once you go 'flat' you never go back.

That's it we're done,