Change Just Like The Weather

So as you can probably tell by now I am a big fan of changing my hair when I can be bothered (or if I can afford it *weeps*).

Just a random upload to show you how to look after your 'hair extensions' aka weave to last longer. Why in God's name people spend hundreds of pounds on hair just to throw it away after? HELL NO.
You guys already know I am one of the worlds biggest cheapskates, and that goes from clothes right down to hair and make-up.

'You Don't Have To Be Rich To Look Rich'
Live by that and your life will change, HA!

Anyhoo, in a previous upload I had really big hair with extremely tight curls that was just so horrendous to maintain; I swear in a matter of days it looked like one fat dreadlock fml. I just gave up and threw it to the side (quite literally took it off my head and threw it to the side because it was a wig LOL) but I didn't want to get rid of it so easily.. months later I decided to come back to it and re-vamp it I guess.
Spent three hours brushing out all of the curls and tackled it with a curling wand then..voila!
I think its one of the best decisions I've made in a while, looks brand new and it makes me feel so glamorous. *Blushes*

I feel like this blog post was a little pointless, but at the same time I have a gut feeling it will inspire someone not to give up, or even try something new (:

Also if you want me to do a YouTube video on it and how I achieved these sex bomb curls please say so in the comments!

So that's the end of the post, sorry for the dissertation.

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