Dalston Junction

Firstly, I just want to dedicate this blog post to the really beautiful girl who approached me outside Dalston Junction station with her friend telling me about how she loves my blog. She has no idea that I was going to stop blogging altogether because I had no interest anymore, but our short 30 second conversation turned everything around. 

So wherever you are, if you ever read this I just wanted to say thank you. <3

This is probably one of the cheapest outfits I have put together, and absolutely last minute. The entire ensemble was straight from a charity shop (apart from the shoes, they were from Zara) and costing a total of £1.50 shoes not included, obviously
Funniest thing about this outfit is the trousers in particular, when I wear them out people are always like 'oh my god I've been looking for trousers like that everywhere, oh my god one pound?! no way!' etc, etc. It always goes to show that there are things waiting in charity shops that can still be very-very current in 2014. On top of that, my shirt was 50p, and it was my pyjama top..
Yup, you'd be very surprised how an outfit can instantly change once you roll up the sleeves and twist the middle to make an 'old skool' crop top.


Joyce your balcony is the bomb,


  1. Gorgeous photos and i'm so happy you didn't stop blogging <3


    Sade xo

  2. Aww thank you so much my love!