Thrift Shop In My Bedroom

H A P P Y N E W Y E A R.
Lol bit late.

I'm making a slow and steady comeback, there was so much to do behind the scenes. You know when you literally need a fresh start from everything, like a phoenix rising from the ashes that kinda start. So I completely redecorated my room, changed my hair, my wardrobe, my life HA!
- But most importantly, I decided to focus a little more on my shop. Not sure if you guys even remembeeerrrrr I have a vintage e-store and believe me I had SO much stock, it was clogging up my room; clothes were everywhere and it was just a hot mess. Now its all sorted out I can finally be at rest and give it the push it needs.

Long story short: I thought I'd wet your appetites by making a super quick BTS (behind the scenes) video of what goes on when I'm preparing to upload new stock on '', because my shop is actually in my bedroom lool. <3

And here's a 'likkle' sneak peek of whats to come..

Be dazzled, stay dazzled..I mean what do you expect?
Look at this fine specimen! (@aliyahmariabee)*falls

Tbh, the only advice I would give is for you to be fast, people will snatch up the clothes in a heartbeat, I'm being so serious.

They're ruthless.

Blogspot..why do you always have to ruin the quality of my images?



  1. Beautiful pictures and I love the video, some of the pieces look amazing! Will definitely be checking it out when it launches!

    Clothing Conscious // Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Aww thank you so much!
      The stuff has already launched in case you missed it but half of the new stock has already sold out *blushes*