Fashion Funfair

So recently I had a big splurge on makeup as I had been using the wrong foundation for sooooo long (yeah I lost my other makeup, you know what actually its a mission to type so I'm not going into it). 

Basically I have such oily skin, skin used to cry, as in..I was a walking deep frier full of ripe plantain. Yeah; so my sister had always banged on about Fashion Fair makeup because its really good for oily skin, and I dabbled into their products here and there but this time I actually went for gold.

I've also been using their 'Shine Eliminator' face cream for a while and OMG IT WORKS! Ive just found that the more I use their range the better and less oily my skin becomes, best part is because all the products I use are oil controlled and you have no idea how much of a relief it is, I hardly have to powder/top up my makeup and it lasts so much longer too.
- Fashion Fair is 100% the best for oily (black) skin.

Heeeeeeeell yeah.

Praaaaiisseee The Lorrrdddddd 
For Fashion Fair Makeup, 

- You can get all of the products from Debenhams by the way, but I couldn't find it online so I used the official website so you can see what it is *just wanted to clear that up*.

Chocolate Thunderrrrr

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