Oh Clara!

So I've been meaning to upload this post for a while now (I've already uploaded almost all of the images onto Instagram *flutters eyelashes) but I need you to look at these pictures closely and understand the sheer glory in this jumper. I mean, its that amazing I didn't want to wear any clothes with it LOL! The best part is that its actually menswear that I can pull of as womenswear too; its just a win-win in every department, no word of a lie I wore this jumper for 3 days straight, possibly 4.

Moving on swiftly, I personally know the designer The 'Clara Martin'. Who is absolutely amazing with everything she does (click her name and it will take you to her fabulousness) she made this jumper from scratch..as in knitted it herself and put the pieces together like UGH! 
*Be warned, you will see me in a lot of her clothing/accessories, why? Because I don't need to justify my obsession with her brand, that's why!*.

*Thrusts like my pelvis is on fire*


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