Bloody Mary (Apparently Magazine)

I said I'll reveal in a later post what shoot I wrapped up before I got jiggy with Umps so huuuuur it is;
I've always wanted to do a shoot that wasn't very conventional and can also make people feel a little uneasy because that's what makes it extra special (well to me anyways). Even though this was for Apparently Magazine, it's still another personal project for me as I was able to have creative control of urrythang, omg you guys have no idea how much I enjoyed it..deep down I wish it was me in front of the lens.

This is the moodboard I created for the shoot, please understand I take them very seriously LOL.
It might look as if I just went onto Google and copied/pasted them onto a blank document put it was muuuuuch more complex than that. Since I went to uni I learned about the importance of minimalistic moodboards and the content you put on it, the sizing, white space and loads of other niggles. 

I mean, I would explain it now but I'll save it for another post!

- And these are the images I took and edited:

 *Again these are all of the images, there are quite a few more but I can't spoil your appetites can I?*

Alsoooooo: its not real blood.
Get a grip!

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