Boomerang Effect

This is the aftermath of what happened at the end of my vlog when we left the little concert. Me and Umps what we're doing is actually the norm, well to us..this is how we greet each other and how we take pictures. 'Ain't Nothin But A G Thang' playaaaaa.

Also me and Umps always carry an old school point and shoot camera, like the one from the 90's where you had to take it to the shop to get the film developed, that kinda camera.
It just gives a nostalgic vibe to photos, you know when you look back at old pictures and you think of a simpler, happier time- that's what we want to create again.

*The low quality on these images is unreal, oh the joys of scanning photographs onto your computer*

I literally wanted a phone picture and I was like 'Quick-quick just take this picture of me I want it to look like I'm in the middle of talking to someone'!

It was the lock screen I was holding to my ear..
Absolutely pathetic.

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