'Post Baby Body' Appreciation Series


For those who don't know I have a daughter (who's about to turn 7 *sobbing into pillow*. You know when you parents or people who knew you when you were little say 'ohhhh, they grow up so fast' THEY DO, THEY ACTUALLY DO! I can't believe it myself, but yeah let me chillax).

So a lot of the times you see all of these magazine covers with celebrities who have just given birth and then miraculously after 2 weeks their bodies have sprung back into shape because 'apparently' they went on some suicidal diet that melts the fat on their insides and turns it into muscle- side eye.
No, it doesn't work like that, well not for me anyway. Believe it or not I've never stepped in a gym my entire life so I don't really know what tricks and tips I used to lose weight. I guess the main thing is portion control with foods (which I completely suck at) and I used an old African trick of tying a scarf around your stomach to make it flatter; kinda like waist training in a way but yeah..

I took these series of photographs mainly for my personal accomplishments of being content with myself even though my body has been stretched and pulled all over the place LOL! Its all still a work in progress but it also just helps to celebrate the 'normal/average' girl that doesn't fit into the stereotypical western beauty categories. 
- On that note, on social media there was a hashtag and sort of movement going around #unconventionalblackbeauty which celebrated women of colour being content with their flaws and just to be happy with the skin that you're in.

So all you girlies (and guys) should have a try too! Take photos of yourself just because, and celebrate yourself, you're one of a kind and no one can be you, but you!

You're an original babyyyyy!

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