Vlog #1.5 Pam Pam Launch (Apparently Magazine)

Remember in my first Vlog when I arrived at the Pam Pam London launch and I was filming there? Well I was also 'vlogging' for http://apparentlymagazine.com/ 
As I mentioned I'm the creative director so I was able to be behind the lens once again for something other than my blog, which can be refreshing every now and then.

Anyhoo, even though this video is now a little bit of a throw back now, I thought it would be nice to upload it just so you lot can see what I got up to that day..especially after my previous post HA!

- This is Pam Pam London's instagram by the way so check them out when you get a minute as they're the first company (in Europe) to ever launch an all female trainer store, so go onnn ladies, getcho groove onnnn: https://instagram.com/pampamlondon/ 

I suppose this is a chance for you to see my 'professional' work, and just another side to what I do behind the lens.


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