Spanish Feels (Apparently Magazine)

In case 'y'all' weren't aware I work very closely with Apparently fact I'm the creative director so its always fun to construct projects and see them come to life from the pen and paper to actual reality.

Me and my badgyal Umps got really lucky and decided to create and archive where we just do random shoots because we wanted to and potentially use them for the Magazine or other publications if needed. So this was the first idea we had, we wanted to shoot a beautiful girl with almost a Spanish saint feel to it (making it slightly modern of course) I had a wale of a time just being behind the scenes to be honest..funny thing is our photographer who is amazing to add was running a bit late and for some odd reason I just so happened to have my camera in my bag; 2+2=4 Baby!
I was able to take some snaps with the little bloody battery I had left and capture this beauty for my own personal use.

- These aren't all of the final images used for Apparently Magazine but its just a 'likkle' snippet for your glorious eyes.

I was so pissed off that my camera battery died *sobs* I wish you guys could have seen the others.
Hopefully when the actual issue comes out you can see it in its full glory.

Well yeah, that's the end of the post;

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