We Got Jiggy

Side note: If you ever come to my house ad look in my wardrobe, you'll find that you somehow subconsciously start trying on my clothes and shoes..then before you know it; its a photoshoot LOL.

 - This has happened on more than one occasion with more than one person

So at the end of a shoot that me and Umps had wrapped up which I will reveal in a later post, we just thought 'you know what lets take some pictures' and this happened..

Omg, I uploaded this picture on twitter, because I just thought why not and people went wild, I got re-tweets left, right and center me and Umps were like wtffffffffff.

In all honestly I find this whole post hilarious, the pair of us are far from girly and on a regularly basis when we're together we look like young boys around the age of 14. So to see this it just cracks me up, we're both in heel for flip sake LMAO! Like, nah.
Also my jeans are another pair I shredded but I got a little bit carried away.. still love them though.

So look at this post an laugh with me, becuase I'm internally laughing even as I type this.

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