Alternative Fashion Week

After going through hundreds of pictures, I finally chose the ones I wanted to do a post about (:
(This may be a picture overload for some)

- Like I said in the previous post, my garment that I made at university was featured in the catwalk alongside other ones made by the people in my class- Although a friend of mine, goes by the name of Rhianne Middleton is a mastermind on the sewing machine hahahaaa and made one hell of a sexy garment too so it HAD be featured on here, because its just the bangers! LAV ITTTT!

*Make Up/Jewellery-(Worn by Joyce) by RFA Beauty*

(Below- Dress designed/made by Yours Truly *flutters eyelashes* Modeled by Joyce Labelle)

 (Below- Dress designed/made by Rhianne Middleton and modeled by the beautiful Neola Loretta)

 The last picture was some of the other garments in the collection (but not all of them) and for this module we worked alongside Thrifty Couture which is a company who specialize in up-cycling and recycling old clothes into something new. So we had to make brand new garments from men's suiting fabrics i.e- Suits/trousers/blazers/shirts and all that jazz. 

It was long, very, very, very long. But in the end it all payed off!
Thank God its out of my life!

 *Harlem Shakes*