Purchase Of The Week

I don't usually do posts on what I buy because for some reason I feel like I'm bragging :/ but then on other blogs that I visit it seems like a common thing so I'm going to try and give it it a go from now on. You never know some people might be inspired or want to get similar things (even though 3 out of 4 times my stuff is from a charity shop) anyhoo this is what I managed to pick up from my local 'thrift store'...

 Got these two really cool vintage shirts for £1 each ^__^
 One of my best bargains ever, got these bad boys for £3!

I will somehow find a way to put these into an outfit, most of the stuff I buy sits in my wardrobe for about 2 weeks before I get round to wearing it.

Really going to have to work on these posts, because its a bit pants, hopefully better luck next time.