I'm Just A Sinner

I'm not really one for graphic T-shirts because I kinda think they don't suit me, but these tees by Sinstar actually made me fall in love because they're not just only eye catching, but the prints are subtle so its not 'all up in your face' like some others I have seen :/ They're quite 'rock and rolly' by the way I'm wearing the Mens tees but most of them are unisex. I would definitely recommend it if you think your one badass rebel! Thought I'd take a risk by wearing some and dressing them up/down to see what outfits I could piece together. To be honest, I didn't expect them look this cool *blushes*

I cant remember the last time I did a post with 2 outfits as well as wearing so much DIY loool, and since the sun is shining I thought I'd get my legs out *raises eyebrows repeatedly*
...I actually love these shirts!

(Shirt- Sinstar, Shorts- Thrifted/Levis/DIY, Shoes- Office/DIY, Sunglasses- Ebay, Necklace- Primark/DIY)

(Shirt-Sinstar, Leather Shorts- Thrifted/DIY, Patent Boots- 'Miss Pigeons Wardrobe', Belt- Vintage)

Omg, I'm going to do a post on what my shoes (in the first outfit) looked like before now. They were an actual shambles that's all I can say, so keep an eye out. And the DIY necklace, might as well tell you now; it was originally a headband from Primark, and after I overstretched the elastic, I cut it off and with another old necklace took off the clasp then made a brand new one (:

- Oh and you can also get yourself a pair of the patent boots from here: (Only a few left!) http://misspigeonswardrobe.bigcartel.com/

It would be a sin if you dont...