First of all, how wicked is this shirt?! I think I got a little excited from the graphical shirts I wore last time so I got a bit carried away, wanted to push my boundaries and go for something a little cheekier *smirks*, I got it from a company called Plastic Guns which I especially like because they have a charity Bite The Bullet which runs projects around the county letting kids know that there is more to like than just being in a gang and that you can have a perfectly good night out without carrying a knife or gun.

At least I know its for a good cause, that means I can prance around in the tee knowing that I've done a good deed- 
'Let me adjust my Halo' 

Remember a while back when I just introduced my new high bun hairstyle and I said there is a surprise at the back, well here it isssss, seriously its nothing great. Just shaved the back because I generally don't want any hair there its not for fashion, and it would now officially be a year since I've had no hair at the back of my head...Didn't feel the need to show it off, its not a statement, just a personal choice. (Why I'm giving a speech about it I dont know...) But yeah, that's it.

What was that? Where did I get this sexy leather sleeved varsity jacket? Ohhhh that! 
Let me answer your question: Its from Jacqstar London, this is just a sneak peek, will be doing a proper post on that later on so keep your eyes peeled! :D