2 Minute DIY: The 'Bun Band'

So as you guys already know I've had my high bun or quite some time, and after getting quite bored with it or distressed because you can't accessories it, I decided to make a 'Bun Band' well that's what I'm going to call it anyway. Its soooo simple, cheap and eco friendly hahahaha.

(Months ago a did a DIY post turning a jumper into a turban, if you remember any of those steps it will be exactly the same technique used here).

What you will need:
  • An old T-shirt
  • A sharp pair of scissors
Step 1: Cut the end of the old T-shirt about 3 inches from the bottom (it doesn't have to be precise, its just a rough estimate).

Step 2: Snip down the side of the seam, left or right doesn't matter. Do not worry if its neat or not, just make sure the T-shirt can now lay flat looking like a 'long line'.

Step 3: Fold the top and the bottom of the shirt (as much as you like) to decrease the width and make it look more suitable for your hair.

Almost ready now...

 How To Tie The 'Bun Band'

Making sure both sides are equal, position the shirt like I have done in this first picture 
(like you are blindfolding your hair)

Next, loosely tie it at the back for security

 Bring the ends back around to the front and tie it again, this time a bit tighter

 Tuck in all the loose parts making it look as neat as possible

(Sorry about my infamous 'bitchy' face, its the only picture that came out half decent *blushes*)

- You dont always have to use a T-shirt, you can use whatever you like to be honest, from scarves to fabrics, skirts the whole lot. As long as you use this technique you can be creative as possible.
- Try to customise your Bun Band to suit the amount of hair you already have i.e. a smaller bun would require less fabric.
- Make sure you dont squeeze your fabric too much or tie it too tight. By doing that it might appear that your bun will 'pop' off the top of you head!

 There you have it, a cool way to be creative with your hair as well as hiding all those scraggly bobby pins :P

That's all folks,