You Should Have 'Known' (Part 1)

I'm sure from previous posts you've probably gathered that I kinda have a crush on graphic T-shirts, but omg this brand hands down has to be my absolute favourite, I think mainly because I'm slightly obsessed with black and grey shirts and hell to the yeah- you know what I'm not going to explain, its just perfection (in my eyes anyway). Oh, its by a brand called KNOWN, even the model from their look book and website is just 'uhh!' *melts*

Sooooo, the day I decided to wear this was a Tuesday and you know what that means: All Black. Even though this time I was a bit of a rebel and threw a few other colours in there (especially my vintage Puma jacket, that just recently blessed my wardrobe) I actually felt like the coolest cat in town. Gosh there are so many things to describe in this post;
- Changed my hair: Had enough of the high bun, don't worry I have just made a YouTube video on how to make it as big as mine, so its back to the long locks for me again!
- 1st time ever wearing a snapback out, took me a while to get used to it, and the weirdest thing is, these hats only suit me backwards :/

I think that's all that needs to be mentioned, better be.

 Snapback- Jacqstar London, Puma Jacket- Thrifted, T-Shirt- Known, Jeans- Primark, Vans- Office

Part 2 coming soon, did you really think I only own one T-shirt? 
Must be crazy,

(P.S blogger decreases the quality of my pictures which is a bummer kmt, but if you are on a computer/laptop or even a mobile, once you click on the images it will have a much higher quality. Just saying)