An Applause For The Cause

I just wanted to say the BIGGEST thank you to everyone who came to my Vintage Clearout on the 22nd, it was a blast! gave away loads of freebies and had snacks for daaaaaayyyyyyyyyssssssssss.
Not entirely sure if I will have another one any time soon, I have a hella load of recovering to do you guys actually have no idea, so I'll be sleeping for about 6 months.

Good news y'all: For those of you who missed out, my online shop is up and running again YAY! 
The items on there will only stay up for a very short time before they are replaced so you need to be on your toes at all times! (Believe me, there are people who are f a s t . c o m)

 Like my new hairdo? Apparently I'm a cute black Edna Mode LOL

Why don't you take a picture,it lasts longer. Well I took a whole bunch and at least now I have something to show the children and grandchildren...unless technology has evolved so much we will live and learn through robots and holograms, so lets hope not.

Anyways, history was made in my books and for all those who took part in that- I'll love you forever.

Cyber hugs and kisses <3

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