New Additions (February/March)

So I'm starting this new thing now where I kinda share what I've recently bought within the much as I feel like I'm boasting ): I do still think its nice to give others an insight as to what shops drink my money *sniffs*, Anyways, here's all the jargon I've bought!

1 London Souvenir Shop (Brighton)
2 London Souvenir Shop (Brighton)
3 Monki (You can get them in Topshop too for double the price BOO!) 
4 Sleek 'Matte Me' Liquid Lipstick
5  Topshop 'Velvet Lips' Liquid Lipstick
6 Tiger
7 H&M
8 Bonita
9 Rokit
10 Miss Selfridge
11 H&M
12 American Apparel 

That's all I need to say right?
Wait, isn't this like a haul or something if that's what they're called..


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