Dazzle Denim (Dark Days)

Okay this time around I know what I'm typing, I think. (Even though I'm listening to NWTS so distractions are very likely to happen)..

I guess this post is like a weirder version of all that Day 'n' Night stuff that people like to do but yeah it's not it's just a black ensemble, that's all.
I wanted to show you guys that there's more than one way to wear a denim jacket with an outfit and it doesn't always have to be your typical blue. Cannot lie, this is one of my favourite things I've thrown on solely because its so basic, but it's not at the same time if you know what I mean? Yeah? Yeah.

I've also fallen in love with white socks! Seriously, I was SO against them, I would literally rugby tackle you to the ground if I saw you wearing a pair now look at me *stares at the ground and swivels feet* I see them more as an accessory though, it gives your shoes/trainers a lil' pop (:

Coat- Thrifted, Denim Jacket- Stolen From My Sister, T-Shirt- Thrifted/Primark, Trousers- Thrifted/H&M, Vans- Schuh, Hat- Thrifted

First time I'm wearing this hat out in the two years I've owned it..so bad ffs.

It's not that deep, the hat brings me good luck,

Peace out.



  1. The hat is next level, I think i remember seeing something similar on esty! feeling you on the white socks!

    1. Ahhh thank you hunny!
      Yeah I was so close to throwing it away can you imagine :O
      *internal screams*

  2. that 3rd shot - taking posing tips from Ramario I see haha!

    But I likey - gives me inspo on how to wear a jean jacket :)