Dazzle Denim

Pssh, I don't know who made up this law that you cant wear double denim because its actually one of my favourite things to do ever, it just adds a little spark to your outfit in my opinion. Anyhoo if you didn't know the sexy green coat I'm wearing has to be one of my best buys of the year so far guess how much it was...

'Come on ladies, come of ladies..1 POUND COAT' (I'm not sure if that funny or cheesy but I'm sure as hell cracking up as I type this post) LOL.

Erm, I don't know what else to say I was watching a program on TLC now my mind has gone blank ffs.
 Coat- Thrifted, Denim Jacket- Thrifted, Mesh Top- H&M, Vest Top- Primark, Jeans- Topshop, Bag- Monki

 Pause. (Once you've resumed consciousnesses), just look at my boots ugh!
Joking, I actually got them from eBay which I don't usually do much but its a quarter of the price of Jeffrey Campbell's! Another great purchase of the year (:

I've written to much, I'm stopping here.