Vampire Lips Starter Kit

From the last YouTube video I uploaded (scroll down) I've had multiple people ask what lipstick I have on, where did I get it from etcccc, etcccc.

So since I can hardly be bothered to upload videos, I thought I'd do a post on it beforehand..
- A quick side note: All I use is eyeliner and lipstick, that's it.

Although halloween is over, vampire lips last forever; I had dark lips throughout the summer. So here is an extremely easy way to achieve dark lipstick of your choice without spending hundreds of thousands of pounds purchasing new ones.

What you will need:
  • Lipstick of your choice (preferably liquid lipstick or anything with a matte finish)
  • Basic eyeliner, and I mean basic- £1 kinda basic. Cheap Kajal eyeliner is really good too!
  • Lipcote 

 This is my own personal kit that I use daily.
Lipcote- Superdrug, Ruby Woo- Mac, Liquid Lipstick 1- MUA Luxe Velvet Liquid Lacquer 'Kooky'/Superdrug, Liquid Lipstick 2- Sleek 'Matte Me' Fandango Purple/Superdrug, Eyeliner- Afro Hair Shop

I like to give names to the styles of vampire lips, so the two I will show are called 'Dracula's Bite' and 'Corpse Kiss'. (Hard to believe I don't celebrate halloween right?)

Dracula's Bite:

I usually begin by outlining my lips with the eyeliner, doesn't have to be neat at all, as long as the 'gradient' is there.

- Another side note: The more eyeliner you add around your lips the darker the outcome will be, so you can experiment until you find the perfect amount *thumbs up*.

Next you use the lipstick (in my case Ruby Woo) to blend into the eyeliner. It best to begin applying the lipstick in a circular motion, then once it has become the colour you want it, go back to putting the lipstick on the way you are used to.


Part 1 Of 2.

Corpse Kiss:

This is probably the easiest and quickest technique in the world, so lets go..

Use the eyeliner to basically colour your lips in black. Its going to look messy and extremely unattractive but it doesn't matter, just hang in there! 
When using this method, it's usually better to use a liquid lipstick as it will be MUCH quicker to blend and more likely to change to the colour of your actual lipstick rather than staying black.

This is what I also did with Ruby Woo in my YouTube video to make a really dark sexy red shade.

Lastly (which is optional) apply Lipcote to your lips to seal it all in place. I have a love/hate relationship with it so I cant really give a promising recommendation. You just have to try it yourself [:

And's that easy. Once you master this, your life will do a complete turn around *wiggles bum frantically*.

So I hope you're as sick of looking at my lips as I am.
Bare close man, flip.


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