The Bom-ba

If any of you know where my blog post title was quoted from you are certified donnyyyyyyssssss!

Well I actually wanted to call it 'Bombaclart' but I thought it might be a little naughty LMAO.

Yeah so firstly, yay me for trying to post regularly and another yay me for my new bomber jacket..FINALLY ONE THAT FITS. The black one I wore 'a few posts ago' I eventually had to sell it, like honestly it made me look like Missy Elliot in her Supa Dupa Fly video, just couldn't hack it any longer.

Then the other day I took a drip to my local charity shop, not really looking for anything in particular but stumbled across this bad ass, sex bombing bomber jacket. It was perfection; basically brand new and a colour you see very few people wearing. I looked in my purse...and I knew what had to be done.

£8. It was only, eight pounds.
I know I did the right thing.

(So happy as well because I was nearly ready to spend £25 on the exact one I saw on Depop. We thank God for common sense, and a budget lifestyle).

 I'll do a full outfit post with this on when I can be bothered.

Oh, my Bathing Ape (authentic) t-shirt was 50p too from the same charity shop.
I've had it for so many years now..
What you thought I was going to throw it away?
Who the hell do you take me for?